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Below you can find the workbooks of three districts.

Before you start: if your worksheets are identical, it's probably easier to create 3D-references (if you have one workbook) or External References (if you have multiple workbooks) to consolidate your data. However, the beauty of the Consolidate feature is that it can easily sum, count, average, etc this data by looking at the labels.

Excel's Consolidate feature's claim to fame is merging and summarizing values from multiple workbooks.

It's a great tool for combining data when several users work with different instances of the same file.

If you manage email recipient data for email marketing campaigns or newsletters, you can sometimes be faced with having to upload data that has been collected or given to you in a format that is not quite suited to your existing list or database.

You can also use it to quickly summarize data in a single sheet - without sorting the data.Many shippers sell products on a platform that does not integrate directly with Shipping Easy.For these orders, uploading a CSV file is the fastest way to create orders in Shipping Easy. Count Next i Col End Sub I created an example spreadsheet here of how to do this with simple Excel formulae, and without use of macros (you will need to make your own adjustments for getting rid of the first row, but this should be easy once you figure out how my example spreadsheet works): Private Sub Merge Project Name Columns() Dim rng Row Count As Integer Dim i As Integer 'Loop through column C and simply copy the text over to B if it is not blank rng Row Count = Range(data Range). It is based on a selection Range, which you could use to offset the first row, perhaps.

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