Forties and twenties dating

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But a lot of times, it just morphed into listening to bad Neil Young albums and another round of Coronas.

We hung out, more than dated — and then sometimes the hanging out morphed into relationships.

I haven’t been on a proper date for years, but I’ve been sleeping with someone that I shouldn’t have been for the past two years.

Indeed, any single and beautiful girls are wondering why men find older women more attractive.

Although people looks at unequal relations are very skeptical, do not be surprised.

It’s 2012 now and I haven’t so much as spoken to a man I don’t work with for over a year. I go on a very wide range of dates with guys from age 23 upwards. It’s fun for a while but then things start to turn weird.

I go on a few dates with a guy who tells me he still lives with his parents at 33. Reluctantly, I go back to OKCupid, shocked to find some guys still have the same pictures from a year ago when I was last on there.

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