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Sometimes I found CCProxy occupied a lot of memory, why? What should I do to insure the security of my network? Why CCProxy keeps on connecting to a special website? Why I get the "Control Service Startup Error" which says that "Cannot connect to the control service"? How to use NT users or Active Directory to verify account? Can I limit one account available for only one person?

Using CCProxy in Terminal Services (Remote Desktop) How to use Web Cached function? How to make mail proxy settings in MS Office Outlook for Gmail? How to remove CCProxy which is being used by some hacker?

Programming may have some overlap with reference, but the main category should remain computer and internet info.

Web pages and services that are dedicated to illegally offer videos, movies or other media for download infringing copyrights of others.

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Sites that provide and/or utilize dynamic DNS services to associate domain names to dynamic IP addresses.Sites that pertain to information or groups in favor of or against abortion, details regarding abortion procedures, help or support forums for or against abortion, or sites that provide information regarding the consequences/effects of pursuing (or not) an abortion.Sexually explicit material, media (including language), art, and/or products, online groups or forums that are sexually explicit in nature.Why the "MAC Address" authentication type can not work? Why I get garbages on the client when surfing via CCProxy? Can I block access to a user from the admin page without deleting the account? Can CCProxy manage clients with dynamic IP address get from DHCP? What should I do if I want to allow only several certain sites for clients?How to receive Gmail(both POP and IMAP) in Outlook Express? How to set up proxy for Norton Anti Virus live update? Is there a way to use a text file for the web filter? Why the sites display abnormally if I enabled the web filter function and choose "Permitted Sites" type?

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