Outlook not updating calendar exchange

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This will either state RCP/TCP, RPC/HTTP or MAPI/HTTP and allows you to see whether you are making use of the old (RPC) or the new (MAPI) HTTP connection.

Good, back to the original question; What is being considered slow?

While the direct answer is “yes, it can be configured”, the reality is that it might not actually really matter anyway for most configurations. The description for the HTTP connection doesn’t really hold true anymore as the HTTP connection can also be used internally.

In fact, over the past few Exchange versions, the trend was to move away from the direct RCP connections and towards HTTP connections, even internally.

Slow is when the adapter speed reported in Windows is less than 128KB per second which is a 1.0 Mbps connection.

This might have nothing to do with your actual Internet connection speed though as usually, your configuration looks like this: Router (or a hub or a switch)-, the reported adapter speed is the connection speed from your computer to your router, hub or switch which is much higher.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NO LONGER supported and provided as-is for information ONLY.

The information here relates to pre-Hybrid configurations that used the Consumer MFG.

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