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Except for the last one listed below, all diagnostic messages are returned on the initial socket, after which any network connections are closed.

’, the latter name for clients seeking Kerberised authentication.

My cluster has been dead for almost 2 weeks and the scientists are getting cranky.

The rshd server is the server for the rcmd(3) routine and, consequently, for the rsh(1) program.

Here, I'll present one way to do it on a Debian based Linux system.

The FLUKA execution script rfluka however was designed to run in "serial" mode.An error is indicated by a leading byte with a value of 1 (0 is returned in step 10 above upon successful completion of all the steps prior to the execution of the login shell).There is a strong initial tendency of Cent OS and RHEL users is to rely on RPMs for initial installation of new packages.For small or widely used packages this approach usually works OK.For complex and rarely used packaged you are often to nasty surprises. Also some packagers are pretty perverted and add to the package additional dependencies or configure is is a completely bizarre way.

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